Shells, engraving patterns and hardware plating options are based on a more than hundred years old drum making tradition.
My training as a goldsmith, years of hands-on experience in the restoration and study of old snare drums (SLINGERLAND Black Beauties, numerous LUDWIG DeLuxes and LEEDY Black Elites, DRESDNER APPARATEBAU orchestra snare drums, to name a few), belonging to internationally reknowned collectors, museums and classic orchestras) and my personal experience as a drummer gave me the opportunity and the incentive to start my own line of snare drums.

First of all, AK drum shells are characterised by their unique bearing edges (folded back to the body of the drum and soldered / a construction technique that disappeared in the late 30s / early 40s of the last century) and the innumerable possibilities for surface refinement in combination with individual hand engraving.
Engraving is usually based on traditional designs but, of course, I also engrave any modern design required by the customer.

for drummers looking for individuality – one of a kind in sound and style!

> in-house manufactured metal drum shells & hardware (throw-offs, lugs, hoops, ecc...)
> traditional hand engraving
all the best,
Adrian Kirchler