CRAVIOTTO Masters Metal Series

Handcrafted AK two-piece brass/copper shells and badges

50 x 5.5"x14"
50 x 6.5"x14"
Matt Chamberlain playing his 5.5x14" Masters Metal SD. 
Bernie playing his 5.5x14 MM SD & "Stacked solid Mahogany/Figured Maple/Mahogany" drum kit.
Two Piece shell construction
- 0,7mm brass (top half) & 0,8mm copper (bottom half) joined with classic 13mm center bead
- soldered-back bearing edges
- crimped snare beds
- hand brushed patina finish - oil impregnated
- hand engraved badges (COB, with serial#)
(all production steps are done the traditional way - no heavy machinery involved - manufactured in-house)
Some impressions of the making: